The internet platform provides information about cultural activities for refugees in Hamburg – intended as in introduction to the topic, as an overview, as a way of enhancing one’s own work providing cultural activities, as a means to share expertise and knowledge and for networking. People working with refugees as well as the refugees themselves can search for suitable cultural activities on offer in Hamburg. is run by STADTKULTUR HAMBURG and is jointly managed by them and by LAG Kinder- und Jugendkultur. The platform is financially supported by the Hamburg Department of Culture.

The following information is provided on the platform.

Nachrichten = News

All new postings on the website will be listed here according to the date that they were posted.

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Allgemein = General information

In the section „Allgemein“ you will be able to find links to basic information about the situation in Hamburg: with information on the city of Hamburg, the city department of Employment, Social Services, Families and Integration as well as „Fördern und Wohnen“ who provide accommodation and reception centres for refugees. In addition, this section will provide nationwide information and news on the topic of work in the cultural sphere with refugees.

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Angebote = What is on offer? – Activities and Services

This section presents all cultural activities offered in Hamburg for refugees and on the topic of fleeing and/or migration. For the refugees these in particular will be relevant: activities that have been specially and exclusively developed for refugees (= „Extra für Geflüchtete“), participation at events and courses that are free (= „Kostenfreie Teilnahme“), places where local people and refugees can meet (= „Orte der Begegnung“), rooms that can be used by those working with refugees and refugees (= „Raumnutzung“). As well as non-cultural activities and services such as legal advice, German classes etc. (= „nicht-kulturelle Angebote“). In addition activities that are on offer in the accommodation centres will be listed.

All activities and services can be filtered and listed according to target group (= „Angebote nach Zielgruppen“): offers that are suitable for all refugees (= „Für Geflüchtete“), offers that are suitable for refugees that are under 18 (= „Für minderjährige Geflüchtete“), offers that are only for female refugees (= „Für geflüchtete Frauen“) or male refugees (= „Für geflüchtete Männer“) and offers that are intended for refugees that are creative artists (= „Für geflüchtete Künstler“). There are also offers for local stakeholders in other words for artists, for care-givers and mentors and for facilitators (= „Für Akteure“) and for residents of the accommodation centres (= „Für Anwohner“).

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Termine = Important dates and events

The platform lists the dates of network meetings, of courses and informational events in Hamburg as well as nationwide events on the topic – in particular in the field of cultural activities with refugees.

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Förderungen = Funding lists funding programmes as well as foundations that are working in this field. This section will also provide detailed information about funding and foundations such as a guide to obtaining funding or a collection of relevant links.

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Publikationen = Publications

As well as the policy papers of the governing bodies in the area of culture and education this section will contain guides, online platforms, dossiers and other publications in print and online on the topic of providing cultural activities for refugees.

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